[Updated] My Personal Project - Test and Review Request

Gospel Language Mobile

Created for the English course where we teach English through the Bible, it’s a students limited app where they can check information, schedule, use the handouts according to the level, spread the course, share the app and send invitations to get monthly discounts.

Many thanks to Kodular for all features…

And credits to extension developers Taifun for the File Extension and Deep Host for both Custom Downloader and In App PDF Viewer Extensions.

GospelLanguage.apk (6,4,MB)
Corrected issues according to @Vaibhav feedback.

Teste login
Student/Aluno=Teste ID=454845996


Thank you for using the file extension
Keep up the good work


Nice app! @Fabio

Some couple of things that I found while a short use of your app

From above screenshot

  1. The keyboard doesn’t hide when we login and home screen is initialized

  2. The title bar’s alligment need to be fixed, as you can see it’s more left alligned. Also the logo (top left side) gets trimmed.

  3. In the screenshot below, does the marked label need to change when language is changed to English?

  1. The month name in the list doesn’t change (out and dez) when the language is changed to English. See the screenshot below.

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Hi @Vaibhav,

I’ll surely fix those. :blush:

It doesn’t as it’ll be the student’s name.

This comes from database, I’ll translate it too.

Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.


Hi @Fabio, excellent app, I am creating a similar to yours in education. I need your help, what blocks you use to download the pdf file and then that it is displayed, of the three extensions mentioned by you, I only have clear In App PDF Viewer, the others I can’t make it work.

Can you guide me?

SVID_20191006_213835.mp4 (5.0 MB)

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I’ll send the blocks in your topic.

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Hello @Fabio, I had problems with the custom_download extension, the downloads have stopped working (for about a week), have you had any problems with these?

I have several screens where there are pdf files for download in the same condition.

No, I haven’t had any problems with it. I don’t no what might be the problem with yours.

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