Upi payment extension

can anybody tell me and explain me the best and free upi payment extension


Hey @Jeet_Jyala
I remembered that, You have created a topic like that. In that topic you are using the same extension.

Then what happened to that? Any ERROR! ( I like this word :joy: )

i dont know much more about blocks and how we can get result. that is why i didn’t try

can u help me on making that?

You have to wait few minutes. I will create an app then

can we text on whatsapp please

if u dont have any problem

Iam trying from 12 days on it. i posted many times but only waste

PM me
Then only I will provide you the WA Number.

thank you Ariyan I really appreciate for helping me a lot once again Thank you man

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Why don’t you share it in community, so that others can benefit ?

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Ok, Wait…

The actual problem is with the UPI ID.

The previous guides only supports Business UPI Id. Not from Google pay, should be from Razorpay or Payu etc etc.

Other than I am happy to help someone.

Use this extension…

Thank you.


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