UPI Payment using Activity Starter

@Dibyendu_Raj read this…

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Thank You …
I am looking for this from last 15 Days…


tested phone pe or amazon pay it support all UPI payment app

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Are you asking a question?

Are all UPI apps working for you?


Working. But amazon pay not giving call back. It returns null


Tested by me works well for these Apps

  1. BHIM
  2. Google Pay
  3. Paytm
  4. Phone Pe
  5. Amazon
  6. Airtel Payment Bank
  7. DBS Bank Singapure

Thanks for testing.
It is not working for some users
May be it is working only for you
May be the UPI apps started supporting this method now.
Post activity starter result.
Hide/Remove confidential and personal information

This worked for me successfully maybe you are doing something wrong and almost every upi app support in my case.


Show error you receive. This method was tested several times before publication. I don’t think we left out anything buggy (from best best of my knowledge).


I did not test it at all.
I don’t have access to UPI apps as I am not an adult.
I saw some posts above, they were saying some apps are not working, payment deducted, but activity starter is not returning any value.

Please read:


Can I open particular upi app directly


When button click
I want to open only phone pay

Yes but you need to know the package name

If I know then how

Set that package name in activity starter

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This Extension is used for sending money or get payments in app

First of all, this is not a extention …its made with activity starter…

Its used as payment gateway. Not for geting payment

Is there any way to getting money by using activity starter.

This activity starter method is not working now.

im tried but showing error in Google Pay You have exceeded the maximum transaction amount set by your bank, but im not done any single upi transaction today, also same error showing in deephost extension also, please help me for this