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Hello to everyone!

I have a Question for you, a question that is a bit different.

I’m new in this world(creating apps) so it happens that sometimes the app doesn’t work for some reason.

I’m using this app to learn all kodular features and I would like to send it to my friends but when something doesn’t work I would like to receive the error message and error code from them automatically.
This means that when some error occurs the app just sends me a message that says “This guy had a problem in this app. Error code : x , Message Code : xx”
I tried to use “send email” with activity creator but this would imply them to open an email app and then send me an email.

I spent the whole day searching conversations in this forum about all ways that an app uses to export data but I found only difficult ways that imply to create servers or online databases or other…

So my question is: is there a “simple” way to export data?
The information that the app would export are like:
User: 1234 (or a simple identification code or name)
error: 17 (or other error codes)
errore message: the error message that the app generates from itself
This was an example

thanks a lot

p.s. I’m not asking for blocks but for ideas


You can try send an email to yourself using IFTTT services.

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Different eMail solutions for App Inventor and Kodular


…or save error log in online database like firebase and airtable.
I will recommend firebase as it is simple and easy to use.

How I do it ?

Have the users be registered to firebase to post the error?

Thanks a lot , I will try!

hi Taifun , as I mentioned before , I already searched in the community forum.
So I saw the link that you posted just a few times (5-6 or more).

Anyway , thanks for the copypaste answer.

That is not necessary.
You can use IMEI number as id to save data in firebase.

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thank you! I think that this is my solution!

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