Upload image straight from the camera to FTP not working

Found many discussions about FTP but all based on picking images.
My intent would be to upload the picture straight from the camera without storing it locally on a file.
Based on research on those FTP examples I found here I got to this:

This is just a proof of concept that will be integrated latter in the main project code.

I feel like the problem lies on the file upload - file path.
Assistance welcome.

Just updated as below but no change:

What result you got ?

Place the UPload block inside the AfterPicture event. It works.
Check if the FTP is connected by placing a variable to receive the value of “is connected” and use this variable in IF Block ( inside the after picture).
And this

Use the ftp Upload Done and Upload Error block to check if the upload was done.

But… the file will be generated on your smartphone…delete it

Rogerio, thanks for the help. It was solved with your clue as below:

Updated as below to scale the image that was too big for my purpose.

Thanks again

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