Upload Multiple Images to Cloudinary at the same time

Does anyone know if it is possible to upload many images at the same time using Cloudinary?

Sabe the path pm a list and upload with forma each item on list. Then use when uploaded to save the imagen link un a other list. Or database

podrias explicarme utilizando bloques?

Each call has to be independent. You can create a list and a for each loop. however each asset gets its own URL and you get a unique on upload response.

You can also upload a zip, however you do not have individual URL control of the sub assets.

No. Te explico en español. Las imágenes a subir las debes tener en una lista. Luego, usas el método “for each item in list” y eliges la lista . Y el método de subir el archivo a cloudinary. Ese lanza el evento, after upload o algo así. Ahí, antes creas una lista vacía y vas agregando las URL a esa lista dentro de ese evento.
Así lo hago yo. No tengo computadora a mano para hacerte un ejemplo con bloques.

I appreciate you explaining in Spanish however please provide at least a translation

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