Urgent Please Help, Admob ads are making the text on the switches disappear

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Are you sure that is from ad mob.Have you tested without ad mob, and see if it was diasappeared too?
Also what is your switch text color?

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Yes I have only when I add admob do the text on the switches disappear when they are pressed, but they are still active in the background, and the color is blue just like the swithes

Add admob banner ads outside and below of your arrangements

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Also try as an apk.

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What do you mean?

I have tried that too, I have a table arrangement, if I do it upsets the whole table I can only view one side of the table, I’m thinking of making it one colom, I’m sure that would make it work but thinking they might be too much scrolling involved, I’m conflicted

Try do not to use companion and to try as an exported app.

Okay so export the app and add it back in and add the add?

Try with adding the ad and without in an exported app and see if it works.

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Will do and get back to you, and thanks for the help so far

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