Use api from exchangeRate-api

Good morning
I received an api from the ExchangeRate-Api site:
but I don’t know how to make it work. I know that you have to decode the Json with dictionary, but I don’t know how, thank you

Fer their doc page

If you don’t know parsing json, already tutorials and same type query are solved multiple in community. Pls ref to that

If not share us your json structure

Get the key value of required symbol inside the the rates key

In two ways you can achieve it.

Read or ref the dictionary from here

This will help you

I did this, but it doesn’t work, I know you have to get text from json object, but I can’t

this piece alone is enough


thank you it works, but you have to put “response content” and not “global json”. I just have one small thing left in my result and in brackets how to delete them?

What about providing a screenshot of your updated blocks including a Do it result, so we know, what you are talking about?
Protip: learn to work with lists…


how to remove parenthesis from result

the exchangeRate API v4 works but not v6 when I try it I get no result I only have parentheses

You again forgot to show us, how the result looks like…


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  1. when converting euros to dollars I get (1.09) with the parentheses, I would like to remove these parentheses.
  2. I use exchangeRate V4 and it works but is not up to date compared to other converter.
  3. and when I use exchangeRate V6 I get this()

As said by @Taifun , please post the response in both cases so as to assist you better

Try list blocks from the list drawer

If the list is not empty
Then select the first item from the list
Else “currency not found”

Blocks used
not from the Ligic drawer
Is in list from the list drawer
Sekect list item from the list drawer

Provide the complete response content, so we can see the JSON structure. … best would be to provide it as string… display it in a label to find it out… you also cs check, if there still is the key rates available…


I use listviewer and no list

so still you dint understand our post…

excuse me I learn all alone, I try to understand, it is not always obvious, I will study your pdf to understand better, thank you for your help

I found instead of “list by walking key path” you have to use “get value at key path”