Use of persist option

What is the use of persist option in firebase database? Should I turn it off or on? Pls anybody explain in detail.

read the documentation to find the details


Boolean Default: False :heavy_minus_sign: Write - Designer

If true, variables will retain their values when off-line and the App exits. Values will be uploaded to Firebase the next time the App is run while connected to the network. This is useful for applications which will gather data while not connected to the network. Note: AppendValue and RemoveFirst will not work correctly when off-line, they require a network connection.

Note : If you set Persist on any Firebase component, on any screen, it makes all Firebase components on all screens persistent. This is a limitation of the low level Firebase library. Also be aware that if you want to set persist to true, you should do so before connecting the Companion for incremental development.



I have already read that. but unable to understand.
Explain with example pls

try a search in the forum for firebase persist, see for example


Thanks for this exapmle