Use tiny db with list view image ,text component

I can’t able to use tiny db with list view image, text component. If you can please share blocks.

You only read 5 minutes on the forum. Maybe search the forum first. Read the link i gave you.


My blocks

After exporting

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SOMETIMEs i think some people believe that other people do the work for other people if they ask friendly or undfriendly and they have only to copy and paste the screen or aia files. It is the same as in crypto space 5000 coins and 70% of the developer copy and paste only code from github.
Crazy people get more lazy as they are now. 2 min of search in the forum and they have what they need but they are soo lazy that they want that other people do that. if they get no answer in 2 min. they spam all forums with their questions.
But in the same time they will be finished if the look for their own.
The most problems are with admob. Before they read why they dont get any ads they make 100 of posts. Admob dont work it is a problem from Kodular, but in 99% it is their own mistake or they cannot wait because they think that they will losse millions for dollar with their unuseful earning app which will nobody download. (only their friends)
It should be a mechanism to post only about admob if you have done research and if you waitet 48 hour after implementing Admob in their app.

I hope nobofy feels bad with that msg


And after re open the app it looks

try making list for tiny db…
Use global variables

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According to your blocks, TinyDB saves only last item. Use global list variable, then save into TinyDB as @OfficialDjJohn said.

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Same problem by using this block

On Tiny db.Valu to store use “add item in list block”
While adding item in list block
Use for each item in list block

I can’t able to understand can you please share me with blocks.

I see you just joined. Why dont you try the search function . there are lots of beginner tutorials and videos. Take you time to get familar with this builder. Otherwise one question will follow after another.


You were using single input for title and subtitle and image and single button to save the value which is impossible for me. what i would have done is i would have given 3 inputs or 3 buttons for image subtitle and title. btw i made this block with 3 diff input and single button see this hope this help you.

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and if you want to learn more about kodular and how to make apps using kodular you can find a lot of great Indian creator on youtube who explains good like, 7star media, Developer 2.o, sharuk.

But no one can tell me before you

Are you sure this will work? Because you didn’t add any pulling data from TinyDB, so loops in Screen2.Initialize block won’t work.

Ya you are right after exporting it will not work. I request you to all kodulars that please gave me the correct blocks I spend out 3 days for this component.

Agree with you. Loop will only work when there is data in tindy db after exporting you have to save data first in tiny db then only it will work. @sangeeta5mishra5 you may add a refresh button so that after saving data when u click refresh the loop will start and you will see the data in list view

I actually said for you. Your blocks are incorrect.

Yup lol I forgot that :joy:

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How to add refresh button and all please explain me with blocks