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App overview
I’m creating an app for Clan management, where a Clan leader will able to store details(Name, Game uid, Phone no) of his clan members.
Where the clan leader can have more then 1 clan
So he can create More then 1 Clan/Guild and store the details in the following
For example: I have 2 Clans/Guild
Clan/Guild 1 have 10 members, so i’ll input the details of members in the following
Clan/Guild 2 have 5 members, and so the same for this too.

I’m really not able to understand how to store data for each new user who are going to have more then 1 Clan/Guild
If i straight away upload the data in airtable, then someone’s data will misplaced into someone’s other.

Or if you have any other idea to create this app

Please help me ASAP​:bowing_man::bowing_man:

Database. Each clan must have a unique identifier. And members will receive this identifier. Thus, clan and members will be related. Each member must have their identification number and their clan number.

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