User online/offline status in chat app

You can use the
when keyboard visibility changed event
and send status to db and then show accordingly.

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Great Option​:ok_hand:

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But it only shows the keyboard is visible or not … I want to detect the changing length of text in textbox. When someone continue typing then show typing else dont show typing… How can I do that??

Can you try Text box text On Text Changed block.

I tried it but when I start typing it shows typing but when I stop it still shows typing …can anyone solve

Call Clock1 enable to true. (Use one Clock Component and set time 5 seconds)

When clock1.timer
Clock1 enabled to false
Typing show enable to false.

I think instead of on text changed when keyboard visibility changed event is a good option.
Because When users type the keyboard is visible and vise versa. So i think its better.

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Instead of this how can i detect the length of text box is increasing? Means when length of textbox1.text increasing then show typing else don’t show typing ??
How can i do this …??