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Guys, I made this little timer so when it reached the end of the count it would warn that the section would expire and that it would have to log in again, that is, a time out screen. Do you have an extension that does this and how to use it? If I did it kind of “handcrafted” would I be able to expel a time and in the end it would pass on this message?

There is an extension: ScreenTimeout but I don’t even know how to use it.

watch this post…

this post also will be useful to you

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set The time Here {1000=1 Sec}

Is there no way to do this without using an extension? Set a type of time, after 10 minutes without using the app it informs the user that his session has expired, that he will have to log in again. The screen closes and returns to login. In this case, this procedure will have to be done on all screens except login.

I don’t think this is possible without any extension… , i hope… desperately you will need of background task , timer…

What user gonna do just by staying in the same page??

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