Using baserow filter?

anyone help me with baserow filter block…i want to filter a column has some specific common values like sort function in excel !

what type os sorting you are expecting?

Anyhow after getting data you can use this small extension to get required value…

do you know that call all data take more time for server to edit json response

Which baserow extension are you using?

If you are using one created by me, then you can first use OrderAscendingTo or OrderDescendingTo property block with column name then use GetColumn method to get sorted column ascending or descending respectively.

Similarly, you can apply different types of filters using Filter block.

filter block not working …i entered parameters like fieldId ,Filters and Values …but after calling “get column” block the column not filtering data…instead it showing all values…!

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Please reply above question

i think i was not using osemiya’s baserow extension… i will try with osemiya’s extension

tried with osemiya’s extension too …but filter block not working…its not filtering data…

tried with your extension 4.1…but filter block not working…its not filtering data…

Post a screenshot of your blocks

what’s wrong with this filter block

Example 1 : To get row of the column in ascending order
Example 2 : To get row of the column which contains word Adventskalender.


thanks a lot … problem got solvedd

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