Using Firebase with this project HELP

Salam Koders …i make this app and connected it with airtable but i want to change that to firebase can anyone help me with that thanks

It will be easier of you show us your airtable database.So we understand what you are trying to make?


Salawmaleykim mr.Mohamed Tamer…thanks for answer to my post

This is airtabla base screenshot that i use now but it is too slow so that i want to change it to firebase
this my apps screenshot for now

Now you will need to design your database first.You will replace the table names to the tags.And the columns to the value.And then when you call a tag it will be like you called a table.

Thanks Mr…can you show me screenshot of firebase database design example for my app please because i’m new on firebase thanks

If you need to create the database manualy according to your airtable it will be something like this:
hello: “[“value”,“value2”,“value3”]”
hi: “[“value”,“value2”,“value3”]”
Or :

To create a tag, just click the + button and write the tag and a value.To make the value a list make like this “[“value”,“value2”,“value3”]” to create a new subtag write the tag like this tag/subtag and they i will be created automaticly.

Thanks wery much…i will try it now …

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First you have to watch some tutorial videos about basics of firebase on youtube, then you will understand and you will be able to design your firebase database on your own.

If you face any problems then you can ask here.

Also take a look on Firebase pricing.