V1.0.5 Exoplayer for AppInventor | Play media with Google's Exoplayer

Yes, but if I try this:

it is playing the audio (loop.ogg) only 2 times again (btw. seamlessly!) and then it stops.
exoplayer_progaurd_test2.aia (2.0 MB)

Copy loop.ogg from the assets to the /Download folder of your test device and check …

I think you should add it in first post also.
So others might not face this icons issue :slightly_smiling_face:


I would not recommend using this way for looping. As exoplayer by default supports looping and i will add it in the extension. Actually the library is way too extensible and I can’t even figure out what to add first . But don’t worry I will add looping.


Did you check in companion or a compiled app??

Compiled one

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OMG Such A Mind Blowing Extensions !!

I Just Don’t Have A words How i thanks

Really This Is A God Gifted Extension For Me , I was Searching Like This Wonderful Extension.

Really You Are Awesome

I Wonder Why Dont you Got Extension Developer Badge


Yes, I know.
I had already offered a higher reward (1-2 years ago) and turned to a very experienced extension developer. He then tried for a long time and gave up in the end.
So respect that you did it! And it will surely take some time to slowly complete this.

Btw, which version of the ExoPlayer do you use?

I am using Exoplayer version 2.14.1 and the latest version is I guess 2.14.2


In companion gives me error as below :point_down:

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Can we Play Online Video Url (Longer Duration )

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Yes, now I tried it also with Kodular and get a similar error:


No issues with AI2.


As I’ve said often enough, I always test with the original (AI2) and then with the distros. If there are problems there afterwards, these should be fixable.


Yeah sure. Give it a try. It should work fine.

I just tested with 53 min video and it was playing very well.
Even there was no lag while switching to any duration of the video.
It also has a loading progress :grinning:


Ohhh Man Really I Am Veryy Happy :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Request features:-
:- Multiple Audio Switching Support Like MX player,vlc player.
:- Captions Support (VTT,SRT Format).
:- Custom UI From Vertical, Horizontal Arrangements.
:-Cool UI-Video Player UI Like HOTSTAR, NETFLIX Video Player UI.
:-Title Support on the top of the player.
:- Speed changing option.
:- Quality Changing option for M3U8/HLS,DASH/MPD And MP4 If Possible.
:- MPD/DASH,M3U8/HLS Format Support.
:-TS,MKV,OGG,MOV,FLV Format Support.
:-Casting to Android tv,Amazon fire TV support
:-Captions Can Be Added From INTERNAL STORAGE/URL LINKS.If captions Is not given by URL OR BY INTERNAL STORAGE Then Video Player automatically detect from video . If video has a captions available in it.The player shows captions from video.
:-Loop support (video automatically play after complete if loop state is true).Add loop block.
:- Mute options/block.An icon should be in player ui
:- Aspect ratio for example-fit,stretch,100%,zoom,etc…
:-Add Custom user-agent , http Request headers and http Response header

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@anita welcome to the community. Please edit your post and do not use caps letters cause it seems you are shouting.

I tested with your test aia it was working properly…, than i try in my app the video was working properly but controls isn’t visible… you can click play and pause but isn’t visible

am I doing something wrong

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How can we predict that what you are doing wring without looking at your blocks and work? I dont know if you can.

Have you uploaded the asset icons in your project?

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I am so dump I have not upload asset file in my project :sweat_smile:… Sorry for trouble next time i keep in mind

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