Variable Filter values?

It is behaving like this whenever we disturb the pattern in the column… See in column A it was filled with number but one cell is word, same in column C. And it behave like this…
If you add number it works without problem.

In my data A is number B is name C is sec. So it works like charm

But in sheet if you do like this mean, then go for airtable. 1200 column will be free to use.

Will you have more than that?

To my surprise, formatting the columns solved the problem.

Yes, I will use about 2,000 ~ 3,000 lines. It is an app to manage product inventory in my work. Bar codes, Names, Values …

One last question about all of this. Inside Join, is it possible to choose the colors of the letters? Assuming that each column had a color.


Thats good. I tried but i didnt get it in lable (may be displaying in listview) so didnt give that advise. Anyway. It works for you… And sorry we cannot give colour to each item of listview…

Update: If possible, if my idea anywhere solved mean mark solution

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I figured there was some way around here.

Gowri, thank you for the support again. You helped me to solve the most important part of the project.

You are the best!! Thanks ~


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Hey, @Still-learning Gowri … Take a look at this and tell me what you think:


same color is possible to set. But you asked different color for each item.

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Oh … Sorry, I didn’t express myself so well.
Well, we couldn’t leave the ListView with different color patterns. But this is also great.

Oh, no… I almost bitten whole nail while i look for the same(different color to each item in the list :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:).

Since the list view accept html format we can do lot more style with html code. Enjoy and keep coding @Alef

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I’m sorry for your nails. :slightly_smiling_face:
I had really asked for something difficult to do.
Well, I hope this question will be useful to someone one day.
Have a nice day, Gowri.

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