Verification system

If the app is published in the store, no checks are required

But if you publish the application in the registry and install one apk either from apkpuar or by sharing

Do you need approval

The answer is yes


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You do not need approval either your app is on Play Store or you want to publish.
It will ask for approval until you get approval if not installed from Play Store.

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  • App INSTALLED from Play Store: No approval needed
  • App NOT INSTALLED from Play Store (even if it’s published): Approval needed

without playstore if on any other store i published the app and got installed is still need aproval?

Write a clear question

You do not need approval to publish app on Play Store.
If you want to publish app or your app is already published then you do not need approval.

If someone publish app on other store like Mi Store, Samsung Galaxy store then you must need approval.

okay thank you.

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