[Version 1.0.3] Official AIA Store

What is the name of your app?

Official AIA Store App by Techy Rajput

Describe your app:

Official AIA Store App by Techy Rajput is available to everyone for free. This app allows everyone to download aia files, test apk files of projects as well as users can see preview screenshots of projects.

Latest Version [1.0.3] Features:

:star2: Free and Paid AIA Projects Available
:star2: Test APK File of that AIA File
:star2: Details of AIA Files
:star2: Search AIA Files with Search Option
:star2: Tried to improve UI of app as possible
:star2: Full Screen Preview of screenshots
:star2: App will load faster than before
:star2: One Time login System
:star2: Changed Available AIA File List UI
:star2: And Much More


Version 1.0.2
Version 1.0.1


Latest Version : 1.0.3

Download link: To Download Latest APK file, Click Here

For More Details Please Download APP or Visit ;


what you mean in few hours??


Small app work is left and I am working on it and it will be full completed in few hours then I will add apk download link.


then you should have made this topic when you have completed it


No there are no restrictions as such. He can add a link later.

But @ramrajput200021 be quick.

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I have created this topic because I have added share button in app and when user click it then I wants to redirect to this topic that’s why I created this topic to get link.


The reason I said this. You can add it later too. :+1:

APK File is added now.

What database do you use?

I have stored php file on server.


Change Log ;

Version Code : 2
Version Name : 1.0.2

Features ;

:point_right: UI design of the app is changed
:point_right: Optimized App
:point_right: Decrease App size by approx 2 MB
:point_right: Added Search AIA Feature
:point_right: Added Alternative Payment Method for International users
:point_right: Added Guide for users
:point_right: Now any user can request to add their aia/extension in this app by filling form.
:point_right: And Much More

Screenshots ;

Download Link ;

Latest Version; [Version 1.0.3] Official AIA Store

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New Version [1.0.3] is now live, To check full detail about new version Go to original post.

Please tell which font you sed

It’s Still showing app update dialogue
And I version 1.0.3

Thanks for telling, I will check and fix it


How to make this kind of update option?

Use this extension :