Vertical Scroll Handler extension problem

Hi everyone.
Using the Vertical Scroll Handler extension I noticed that I can’t center the text.
Instead of starting from the top, start scrolling from a lower point.
I also noticed that by reducing the number of lines of text, the extension works perfectly.
I attach the AIA file to help you understand the problem better.
Thanks for your help!
testing.aia (1.2 MB)

Instead of posting aia , post screenshot of error and your blocks

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My blocks:

and a screenshot

You should check what is your text hight pixel then set it to smooth scrall by then your text should be centered I think so

And how can I do this?

You have to test it multiple times by increasing pixel’s by +1

ok thanks. I’ll try it…

Good luck keep trying

Ok, I have the solution!
I added a block like in the image

thanks again!!

Try this one testingVerticalScrollHandler2.aia (1.2 MB)

It works… a viable alternative :grinning:

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