very slow or tab crashed

one of my has 7 screen,out of 7 screen 3 screen have 6000 block in each screen.for this i can not work on that screen,always tab crashed,or other wise very slow.i habe high speed network with 6 gb ram there any solution?help me

Reduce the number of blocks. :sunglasses:

Try collapsing the blocks, maybe that will help?

all are logical block,so i can not reduce the block.

I can’t think of a reason why you would need so many blocks. What does your app do?

Read this

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it is an yearly salary statement app and from salary statement income tax calculation also.
in salary statement there are somany option for employee,every month of a year so many option to calculate salary.

If you use some block(s) more than once, create a function.

You’re may be repeating yourself (the blocks). Follow what @Peter said.