Very strange problem in my App

I have build app with 5 Screen, Still working on it. Suddenly my app APK is not working in mobile, it just close without opening. App is. But it is working perfect on kodular Teest Companion app, no error at all.
Solutions that I tried and didn’t worked:
1- Deleted all CloseApp block from App
2 - Deleted all extensions.
3 - Deleted lastly added Asssets.
4 - Disabled Screen Initialize blocks

Then I remember that I was working on Screen5 (Screen name = Surah) . And my app has stopping working. So I created backup of the app. And deleted Screen5 and re-tested APK in my mobile. And it worked.
I tried few things with Screen5 in new backup. No problem found.
So I created new screen with name and re arranged all the UI things. But this time I didn’t add any block or any hidden component . Just Arrangements, Cards, and Labels… Then exported APK and tried on APK and again it didn’t worked.
SO finally I created again new backup. Deleted all Screen except Screen5. And on Screen 1 I deleted all components, except button that take to Screen5.
So I found out problem is in Screen5 components. But now I don’t know what exactly the wrong is with components.

Here is AIA file, It has 2 screen only with components only.
Trial_2.aia (4.6 MB)

Reason I wrote complete problem is because it can help others…

Does the app hangs while running??
Do you get any error while running??

No, App does not run at all.
Error: App Keeps Stopping

4.6 mb :astonished: quite big file. I can’t even upload it to Unchieve.
Please post all your blocks here.
And an apk if possible.

There are a lot of assets in the aia file

Remove the assets and you can download then in first run.

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Problem solved.
I gave label name in Gujarati language. And it was quite long names. I turned label name in English and it worked.
little confusion is, I have given label names in Gujarati earlier as well in other Screen. But didn’t face the problem

I removed all assets as well. But didn’t worked.

I don’t think so the issue will occur due to using different languages.

Well in same app, But different Screen I have used name in other language. And there was no problem.
Just by changing names, My app APK works perfect.

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