Video Downloader For Facebook

Nice work Keep it up

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What license do the images have? Are they public domain or do you have a license to use them?


Bro I suggest you to change your app icon and make it more stylish

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I found one already.

  • License : Free for personal use only
  • Commercial usage : Not allowed

Thanks for suggestion.

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Bro how you set wallpaper i mean using kodular default component or activity starter.if you use activity starter then plz give me some information like data uri

Action: android.intent.action.ATTACH_DATA
DataType: image/*
DataUri: file:///storage/emulated/0/dir/filename.jpg

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Where do you store your wallpapers using firebase or what?

Using Airtable + discord


Why discord??


Yeah.i know that was an app for gamers.but you are using this like storage.great​:sunglasses:

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Aia file ?

Do you really think that someone who has created an app and uploaded it to Play Store is going to hand over their aia file for everyone to clone?

No I’m not going to give aia file sorry.

im trying to create a wallpaper app that can be updated from firebase using the database,during the testing of the app the images are showing ,everything is good except for setting the image as a wallpaper. idk whats the probleme here

This is certanly not a good tactic. You have gathered a large audience and changed the app completely. It’s now a Facebook video downloader.

I change app when i have just 87 downloads on my app because I’m not geting audience on my app.

Thanks @Boban For Unlistening.