Video from assets still not works with new 1.5.5

video from assets still not works with new 1.5.5 :frowning:
just black screen lon video place


thank you for answer, i try to. but i seen new error whose dont give me make apk

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erased everething except apk name, result is same. BUT if i try to aseemble old projeckt everything works good woth old one. But new assembled projeckt give this errors.

How to avoid AAPT error - While creating a new project just give a name and then skip customizations (project name, colors, …etc) because this cause Theme to set wrongly in project settings and results to AAPT error. See

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thank you, its works. but i still cant play video file from assets. apk is assembled, but i see black screen on video place

unfortunatly its not works. i try it with new apk and see just blank black area on video place :frowning:

Confirmed. Doesn’t work with the APK.
This is the next bug among the countless other bugs…

I won’t even try anymore to list all bugs.

I removed the Solution marker.