Video Intro during app start

I have one video that basically is like a credits page in a movie. Now, I want to play this video on Screen1 right when it starts but, the Kodular Video Player does not seem to work and from what I’ve read, I don’t really know a good way to do it. The video needs to play without any UI or any response when clicked. Can anyone suggest a way to do it?


Can the YouTube component work? Is there any way to remove all UI options including pause and play from the YouTube component?

Try to use [Free] VideoLayout extension (Big Fix!). On start up create video layout, set it to visible and when video ends set layout visible to false


Can you tell me what to put in URI to read videos from assets?

Url is to use with a link, in case you uploaded video in adatabase like cloudinary. Try to use this block instead


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I uploaded it in assets. Can we not access assets using this extension?

Do we need to upload it to some service like Cloudinary?


With cloudinary it will work. As from assets I believe it is a path issue,

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I have a Cloudinary account. I’ll try it


It’s working.


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