Video Player component more blocks needed

Hello everyone!
I need to find out how I could find the current position of a video in Video Player.
I know there is a block for the Taifun’s Audio Player Extension. but I need it for a seek backward/forward with 10 seconds every time a button is pressed. Like (VideoPlayer.CurrentPosition) +/- (10). Also a “IsPlaying” block would be nice to have.
Oh, and would be nice to have too a “gotVideoAsync” because when you set the source to a external video it lags the application :frowning:
If there’s any extension for Video Player component please let me know. :blush:


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I’l see if a YouTube-like video player can be made.


That would be a great idea @pavi2410 :slight_smile:.

Can you please explain or show the blocks what you mean with set a external video?
Then I can look how its done to load.

I mean to set the source to a video URL. It works, but it takes a while to load it and it lags the application.

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I added now following things to the video player (available after next update)

  • isPlaying
  • Volume
  • CurrentPosition