Video status app loads only 5 videos from airtable

Fellow Koders I recently downloaded aia from the channel of i4 creator which is very good, but my problem is that it only loads 5 videos for each category. And the maximum record is set as 10000.

Also if the data is not up to 5 it shows this

Can somebody help me inspect the aia?


Here you called only 5 only. Instead of five try to use length of the list get values for colum

Thank you for your kindness please I am an absolute beginner can you please help me with the blocks

if you want to use the procedure for all the link then use this,


It works I am short of words to thank you. May you succeed in all your struggles

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Oh, thank you… it is my pleasure…

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Hi , can ou show me how to show videos from airtable , I´ve been trying a while and no sucess , what extesion do you use to get the colum of airtable and read as a video?

Download the aia and see how it works

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thx a lot!

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