VideoEditor Extension - Edit Videos With Many Customizations [PAID]

This extension allows you to edit any video with many customizations like filter,add image,trim,crop,merge,add audio,seperate audio and video,ect…
The extension blocks are simple , You can ask me any doubt in PM or in this post :smile:



PayPal - 17.5 USD
PayTM - 1000 INR


Amazing extension now we have image and video editor both possible in AI community.

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Amazing extension ! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:
Just a question, does it make filters like Snapchat or something like this ? :smile:

You can just overlay your custom transparent image in it​:grin:

how i can buy


Check personal message

Updated blocks in first post because it was unreadable for some people

Whenever I open :kodular: community I get to know that you created a new awesome extension.
Great. :+1: :+1: :+1:

aisa chlta raha to kisi din tum khud ka hi ai bana doge



What are the available filters?

And could you improve it to an extension like this?

As you can see, there is more than one year that I looking for someone but so far, nothing.

There is already source code available on github, but I couldn’t find someone to turn it into an extension:

And here an app made with it:

If you think you can do it, please send me a budget

I am interested. :smiley:

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You interested in the extension or in creating it for me?
If it is the second case, feel free to send me a message.

A long list(By ffmpeg)

You can say it’s not only a Filter but it can do many things like Adding chroma support(for videos to replace background of specific color to images (like green))

What’s missing,I think most of the functions are there.

i want this extension

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Just pm him

i want a video tor plz

Just pm ( Personal Message ) the developer.

In what way