View Flipper Open New Screen

how can we open new screen when user click view flipper Image?

Add on the Image click event the block to open a other screen.
Thats it.

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thanks Mika

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blocks How can we add a click event to image?

Set image to clickable from image properties.

we have to add image property to inside the view flipper or outside @The_K_Studio

I dont know much about view flipper but the images which are in assets are can be set to clickable.

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@Mika can you help me??

For that use a Image component. Set this component to clickable.
Then add the image component to the view flipper.

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I cannot able to add it to the view flipper

Look at the blocks which the view flipper contains.
I cant show for everything a picture since I have too like all others have a private life.
And Iam not always at home at my computer.

Ok brother thanks for reply
If you free at your home pls take and give screen shot again thanks

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Will do.
But Iam first anytime tomorrow at home.

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@Mika okk bro

Help me :wave::pray:

It’s not working please can you provide aia

Can you please show what you have done?