View flipper with add images

I want to use view flipper to show the images which are stored.

It should have one image with plus sign and if i click on that then it is a image picker and store image and that image should come in view flipper

if someone click on any other image, then that image should zoom out in full screen with a share option to share with anybody

how to go about all this


What have you tried?

Not tried as of now

just need directions to work upon so as to save time

You can use overlap component by decoration in utilities or use flipview and coustom dialog extension.

buddy could not trace out overlap component by decoration
rest all understood

request directions @Peter

to save my time :wink: i would suggest try, search and show what you have tried if it doesn’t work.

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@narender_kumar I can make a sample for you but you need to wait ok :wink:

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Thanks @Aditya_Nanda

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@Aditya_Nanda i know you are very good koder, , helper, but I hope this is not good , the user didn’t tried anything. Also he didn’t search in community too. Suppose if he tried and strucks at anywhere we can show blocks or suggest.

@narender_kumar pls look for tutorials in our community to how to handle the component.

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Yes you are right @Still-learning I have also done mistake that I also not searched community :sweat: so @narender_kumar first you should go through @Still-learning 's Post then make what ever you want to make and if you get any error or problem then we are here [A Patient goes to a Doctor only when he is Sick or Having Health problems Similarly if there is no code then what to DEBUG]



Thank you so much guys

I dont require code…directions given by you will help us to look for the correct thing