View pager not allowing me to vertically scroll across arrangements

i have a view pager layout in the middle of screen , this view pager contains two scrollable vertical arrangements.
everything is put size to fill parent or 100% but the problem is that i am not allowed to vertically scroll to the rest of the verticall arrangements where half of the arrangement is shown unless i put the size of pages in px for a big number but when putting it to fill parent or 100% it is not working an putting in px will differ from one device to another.
any help please?

Can you please provide blocks images or aia so that we can test… @Mohammad_Farfour

@Alapjeet try.aia (1.7 KB)
you can try this where half of the pink section is hidden and i can’t scroll across it.


As usual blocks mistake Viepager (1).aia (1.7 KB)

Rename the aia & use it… @Mohammad_Farfour

@Alapjeet no you misunderstaned me i don’t want to add two components to the view pager i want the view pager to start ad the mid of the screen where other components are above it .
and the component in the viewpager to be scrolled just as i uploaded it but i want the pink part to be vertically scrolled all over it.

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Can you please show me an example via video or anything… because it’s too confusing… @Mohammad_Farfour

Your aia doesn’t contain any

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@Alapjeet as you can see the left in the editor the green arrangement contains 3 buttons in the other photo in my device i cannot scroll across the other 2 buttons.
@Boban i don’t want to scroll across the arrangement i wan all the screen to be scrolled as this photo where i can scroll all the screen

in this photo i made the height of view pager very tall but in px which i don’t want

Try this one tryfarfour.aia (3.1 KB)

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@Boban yeah it worked thats what i meant i will try to implement it in my project and thank you

@Boban but what does 48 means can you explain please

As you are showing tabs, tabs will occupy 48dp of the value we just calculated, so to show whole content in your viewpager we have to add 48dp to it

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