ViewAddon Extension [PAID]

This extension allows you to do many things with visible component.
It have block to check if a component is visible on screen or not,So with that you can surely make a recycler view.
It can be helpful in designing things also and it also allows you to add touch listener to any visible component
Thanks to @chaimk for Sponsoring this extension!


Touched - This event fires when any component is touched on which you added listener , It also gives action like up,down,ect… and id which you gave so you can easily differentiate between components

IsVisibleOnScreen - This block returns true or false that if component is visible on screen to user.

SetAllRadius - You can set all side radius with it of a component and also each side radius can be different :grin:

SetKeepScreenOn - Set to keep screen on when that component is visible on screen

SetRippleEffect - Set click effect with color on any component to show when it is clicked

SetStroke - Set stroke of any component with size and color.

Other Extension

To customize radius of button and arrangement for free you can use this free extension.(It is way different than my extension)

You can buy my extension for every feature and it also supports every visible component.


PayPal - 10 USD
PayTM - 500 INR


What is the difference with this

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Nice Extension for customisation of components :blush:

Hey,thanks for giving link
I don’t use thunkable community
Anyways i checked the post now,It don’t have all my extension blocks and it supports only button and layout
I am adding it to my post :smile:

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