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Hello everybody… please!

I’m using a Colin TreeListView extension and it includes a label on the screen, where a list is empty, a label is visible. Otherwise, it is invisible.
It turns out that so far so good. But the problem is that when I leave the screen or the application and go back to the same screen again, a label appears right there with the items on the list.

Friend , This blocks show only onclick event. Ok ?

Where else do you control label visibility?

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You will get block in list section like. Is list empty? Use this block if list empty then this label will be visible else it will be hide

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List or textbox.text Proprietie ?

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Hi @Rogerio_Rios
just in that block.

The sequence of images are from bottom to top.

See that there is a label below. Which will appear if the list is empty.
And when I add something to the list it is invisible. So far so good … but then when I leave the app and re-enter the label is visible even though there are items in the list.

Your Visible control is inside onclick event.
If it is visible but you do not click the button, you will not do if… Visible= true false…

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This is your Control to IF condition ( Visible true/ false ) .
It must also be out of the onclick event. :thumbsup:

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Soon I will try your tip. Working out, I’ll come back to say.

Thank you @Rogerio_Rios @Earn_Money_online


The label is becoming visible or not when I add something to the list (so far so good). And when it’s invisible, every time I open the app again, it becomes visible again (that’s the problem).
It must remain invisible.

Please, could you help me see where I’m wrong?



Hello to all of you.
I would appreciate it if someone more experienced than me could help me. :grin: :pleading_face:


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