Voice assistant

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Hey all I am planning to make a voice assistant app I have made the ui , will soon start with the coding part the if else part

if anyone interested in suggesting something or helping me by making some if else part any suggestions or help will be highly appreciated thanks in advance.


Will post the screen shot of the ui in some time

if you have enough budget for you app you should use simsimi API. then you haven’t need any if-else block. If you have’t information about simsimi api first download simsimi app & check it

That may not be possible (budget issues)any other method?

then you have to manually added question & answer

Hey I just checked this website

Is this the one

As far as what I read it is free and unlimited requests

yes that was. If it’s free then you have must use it

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But is it safe to use :thinking:

don’t know

Ok I will check that anyways thanks for your suggestion :blush:

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