Voice Recognition(Verification) Extension [PAID]

This extension allows you to add Voice Recognition in your app.
This extension can enroll anyone voice,verify it or just identify whose voice is it.
The extension is fully function based,It is on you to design the UI :smile:
This extension is easy to use so I don’t think it need any long explanation but yes,The extension buyers will get a AIA that how to use it.

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this extension!



This extension is based on voiceit.io API.


PayPal - 12.5 USD
PayTM - 700 INR


Nice work keep it up ( You’re Contribution is increasing day by day)

Very good extension ! :star_struck: :heart:
With your contributions to the community Kodular apps will get better day by day go ahead :grin: :nerd_face: :revolving_hearts:

I think you should provide apk file and some screenshots as a result to test your extension then user may buy your extension.
By the way, Nice work keep it up :+1::+1:

What are you doing man! I am impressed by your work.keep it up​:slightly_smiling_face:

Can it be used to add hands-free support? I want to make that as soon as the user says a certain word (or rather two words) then something will happen in the app

You can add a feature recognize accents and maybe then it can Judge the person speaking belongs to which country

where to buy

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Send message to @Atom_Developer

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I will get both face recognition and voice recognition, but I don’t have paypal and payin … Can’t I get it through banks …

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Hello @inciryurekli ,
Check my DM so we can proceed.

I appreciate you contributing to kodular io You have great extensions and you have added a new one to these great extensions.

Thank you for your contribution to kodular io, but you can make some of your old and seen plugins free while paid. 80% of your extensions are paid, I respect this, but I think some of them can be made for free.

thank you


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