Wait 48h since app creation?

Yesterday i have create a simple calculator app and add 1 banner ad below . than export the file than i see one pop action required.so i went in my account than ad panel so there i see :
app name - calculator
status - not requested.
WAIT 48h since app creation. why its showing is this normal or something wrong every one see this after making apps? what does mean please give a proper answer to it if its a problem.

After creating a new project, you need to wait 48 hours before you can request approval.


mean “wait 48h” will automatically will be removed than i can request.

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ok mean if my app get approved from kodular than i can upload it to playstore ? because i want to upload it to play store but what kodular says “if you already uploaded or going to publish app”
no need take approval what kind of sense this make kodular community.if we test our app we get action required so.

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my app status " Calculator Pending Response from Kodular Team" today is 29 oct and requested on 27 oct so is there any time limit???

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There are already several topics about this :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello conor once again,

My app get approved its showing but when i export it . my app is not showing ads .now whats the problem man .i checked everything test mode everything is right.

Maybe your app is of the kind of quality that admob is not interested in in showing ads.


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This thing i am hearing first time.but i made a calculator app and add 1 banner below . i will try to remove banner and add video reward and than try . let see what result i will get.

now i have created a second app called fidget spinner i got approval from kodular.than i try to there there is also ads not showing what the problem i never seen such kind of problem.
i just put a ad video reward . working in test mode mean in live but not when i download it.
i create calculator app there also i didnt get ads so people reponse it google donot want i said ok.than i create figjet app not its not showing its mean its not google problem there is some problem in kodular ads serving. i also worked with thunkable and never face such kind of ads issue why its not showing.so hope you guys can help me out if possible.

Maybe Admob don’t want to serve ads because the app doesn’t meet their standards

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