Waiting for accural

Hello dear @pavi2410 @diego & the kodular management,
When you are going to send accurals its already too late now.

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Kodular not updated last month balance

@kodular please confirm when last month balance will be credit in kodular

am still waiting for the accural. Its already to late.

according to Google policy you can’t hold our payments longer.

Please follow the Google guidelines and keep your record clean in terms of honesty.

@pavi2410 please send accurals. Including me everyone is weeping. Already too late now. All ok with @Diego :duck:

hi Balance has been added but i am unable to request for withdrawals as the request withdrawals button is disable.
the other problem is that my last payment which is send by kodular on January 13 is not received yet in my bank account and showing delivered 3 months has been completing now. i email to kodular several time about the issue but no response please help me. @pavi2410 @Diego

Hello dear Kodular staff @Diego :duck: & @pavi2410, there is wrong balance accural in accounts. Please check there is issue from your side. Thankyou.

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Hello kodular kindly set your bug its really terrible now my balance is not added to my account and my withdraw button is not active kindly take a serious action.

Mr @Diego @Kodular payment accruals are still pending its last day of the month but there is no update about payment.Why it is getting so late every time for last 3 months. Kindly look into this matter and resolve the issues regarding payments and process the payments on urgently basis .Hope @Kodular Mr @Diego will reply me as soon as possible waiting for your reply.
Thank and regards

Hi, we don’t see any income reported from Google Ad Manager to your account. Would it be possible to know your Child Network Code?


Hi, it seems like your account has not been credited for this month. We are looking into it, should be fixed in the next couple of hours.


Hi, it was the same issue as the one above. Can you check now, to see if it has been updated already?


Thank you so much

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My balance is updated but its wrong kindly check my updated balance it is same as like the last month

I just wanted to inform you that you sent the same accrual amounts in all accounts, which you sent last month.

Check everyone’s this month accural amounts and compare it with their last month accurals. Its the same same. You simply repeat :repeat:

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Yes this is the main issue

Hi, My balance is updated and request payout button is disabled on my account. Also updated balance is same as last month balance. I did not receive last month payment. my last month payment updated and I requested for payout but did not receive payment email. Please solve this problem. My last payment is not received and this month payment is updated wrong balance.

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Hello dear Kodular staff. there is wrong balance accural in account. Please check this bug & solve it as soon as possible. Thankyou.

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Hello Diego and kodular finance team, same problem i am facing with my account, my balance of feb 2024. is not updated yet, kindly update my account balance as soon as possible according to my revenue.

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Hi accrual is still pending for the month of feb, kindly look into the matter on priority basis its already too late.

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