Want to edit my APK, aia project lost

I made an app about 2 months ago and it was complete, thus i deleted the aia project and all backups coz i did not need them, but now for some reasons I want to make imp. changes to my app.

Is it possible to make following changes to an apk, since I do not have aia ?

  1. I want to delete a screen
  2. Change Title Bar Text
  3. Chnage its sharing Url
  4. Change a text Label while user searches something in the app.

That’s all

Has anybody knowledge about this ?

Your answer is ‘NO’ sorry its not possible

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not a single thing from above 4 ??

If you Don’t have the project/. AIA than none of them are possible since u can’t edit them

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okay thanks !!

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hey, @David is it possible to know at least names of screen which are present, ?

if you have the app installed than you may use this app to know the available screens and names

okay thanks mate

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I think it does.

However, I don’t know what you mean by the last one


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As far I know you can’t do that. Because even if you edit APK, you need to compile again to order to work. Otherwise you may break the APK.

Maybe staff can help you to recover your project. I think this is the best solution for that instead of editing APK.


okay leave i will akw another project

So kids, don’t do this. Keep backups… As a backup.


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