Want to enable night mode in whole app

Suppose I added night mode option on screen 1 but I have 3 or more screens in my app and want to enable night mode in whole app so how can I do it plz if anyone know about this then plz tell me.

You can store the colours in a tinyDB, and set them to darker variants when you enable night mode.
When initialising the screen, set the colours of each component from the tinyDB value.


Can you or anyone show me by providing blocks images.

Try it yourself. It’ll be a good exercise for you.

I tried a lot but unable to find any solution and its very urgent to complete my app before 15th July because I am making that app for my CA students plz help me so that I will learn those blocks this time.

As Vishwas said, store the colours in TinyDB, and set components to that color on Screenn.Initialize.

It sshould be very easy.

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It’s more simple than you think, you only have to add a variable in the TinyDB , for example you make that the DB store a variable called night and the value 0 , then you have to add in each screen “when screen … inicialites” and then check the value of the variable night , if it is 0 set each component to the colors you want , the when you turn on the dark theme you must change the variable value from 0 to 1 and check if it is 1 you set colors to the main colors.

Why not just use boolean true, false instead for 0 or 1


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do you mean 15 Aug ?