Want to make a service app


I wanted to make an admin app, for my service app to show data entries of airtable with the image link uploaded to Cloudinary. can anyone please help how can I do it.

Thanks in Advance

Simran Adenwalla.

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can you share your app

i have not yet developed it i know how to make that but would start making it admin app is possible

Yes admin can become app

How can you do, what?

create a app which shows data what is feeded in airtable

You said you wanted to do the administrator part and now you are the user part? confused.

Have you researched the community ?

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i am not confused i am seeking help for administrator part of app which shows the data uploaded by user app to airtable in admin app

You are now beginning to explain.

You will have an app where the user puts the data and the administrator can see it.

There is also the reverse:
the administrator places the images, prices, product information and users can see them.


start Koding your app, search community for what you want to do and then if you stuck at something, ask for help.

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