Want to make word match game

Is it possible to make word match game ?

Did you try it? If you tried it and you failed after many failed attempts, then ask for help. If you have found your solution to your issue, which should be what I asked at first, then no need to ask for help :wink:

no.where the word is store for matching?

Use Variables, Lists, TinyDB’s? Then maybe use the Contains Text or the Is In List block to see if the word a user has matched is in the list… Try it and if it works, mark this a solution.

word comes are randomly.but how to identify word are match?

Read my edited post.

in dictionary have thousands are word.is not possible to store all word using variables

:man_facepalming: If it’s a game, then you add words you want, not add the whole dictionary…

i see. but there is any way to get word from other source?

Use a Dictionary API or just use a word randomizer to receive random words to add to your app… (For the API, continue) However look at how many requests you may have before then.

you could use oxford official api https://developer.oxforddictionaries.com/

i see.can anyone tell me how to increase auto level in game?

I don’t get what you mean

I think he means, how to make it harder after a certain amount of time, or he means level up the users account.

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It is possible. I’m creating a big game without any problem on makeroid


the more hard work the better result


can you guide me, how to?

How to do what ?