Wanted for next update

Hello Staff,
i like all of you component, much better als the other builder. I have an please to you. Is it possible to sent to each programm what you have in the sharing component like whats app facebook instagramm and the other ones not only a msg. It will be useful to send data too,because we/i can make buttons for each component like facebook whatsapp insta and so on. and not only send a file with the one sharing options. We can sent files only with one bloch and than in androiud the overview about your apps will open. But it will look much better for each app to have a own button. Like Taifun sharing extension. There you have for Whats app an block for files to. This is what i mean in you sharing blocks there are block for a lot of apps but only msg. It would be nice if you add the possibility for files olso into it.
Taifun Extension works but there is no extension for insta snapchat twitter and so on to send direkt an file like a image from the screenshot.

And a second thing.
Is it possible to implement in the web viewer java scipt like in the web viewer extension.
Because i want to implement google trends in my app and the script to implement is written in java as you know maybe. There arfe some extensions for web viewer to read java scipts but i think it is better if it is implemented. bc you need no extension any more.
Thanks at first

Schau mal genau in der sharing Komponente nach.
Wir haben da einen Block der dir ermöglicht eine Nachricht zu senden an eine App deiner Wahl.

I have another suggestions for you, it would be also nice if we can use html scipts. i forgot this. This is very important i think, each builder have this possibility.

I stopped reading like 1/4 way down :joy:

ok short form. for web viewer a solution to open a html or java scipr in the blocks editor like with extensions. and the sharing component should have a send data block for Whats app and the other apps what are now inside the sharing button. Now we have only one share file component but not for each app herself.
hope it is better lol

This is the problem, I cant say it because, I dont want anyone to know the problem with the webviewer.