We are missing for new updates

dear Kodular developers, your last updates are amazing and made Kodular fantastic. now we are missing for new updates. i check community several times in a day for update notification. please happy us. thank you

  1. Updates don’t come when you’re demanding them.
  2. There is never a set release date for the next update after just having one.
  3. Why are you checking today, it takes awhile to code.
  4. There won’t be an update for awhile, not a long time, but there won’t be one for awhile… After just getting one, what 2 weeks ago?

i dont demand anybody. it is a want only.

i know, no need to remind.

and i can not understand that why are you so agressive?

Kinda did. I want is still demanding.

To get you’re point across, you must be aggressive, sometimes.