Web click disable then make enable

I created an app which allow users to visit web link then wait 30 seconds to get some points.
But I want user visit or click link once then it become not clickable
Also when I add new link through airtable, again button/link clickable to users.
Please help me with full coding.

Please share your blocks and explain what you’ve done yet so far.

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if i am not wrong it looks like earning app, which is not allowed to create with Kodular, and if they found your app(earning type) you maybe lost your account.


web block

When user click on card view it redirect to web url stored in airtable.
I simply want it clickable to once per user. But when I change url in airtable, user can visit link again.
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And what about this

Its not earning app like others. I am not depended on ads. As you can see only simple banner ads placed on code.
Its social media clicking, My clients gives me their social profile or website links for promotion. So I want user visit their link, for this I am paying.
I appreciate if you can help me in coding such interface so user can view once per link so they can’t cheat and click frequently.

Any help on my problem ?

Please search before posting.

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I posted query after searched on community, web results and on youtube but not found better and working solution.
There is no code which makes airtable link viewable once per user. Thereafter it delete or disable. And showing new links on app.

Use tiny db component.

When user click cardview for first time store value to tiny db.
When screen initialize if tiny db get value is equal to stored value then set card view clickable to false.

When spreadsheet data changed clear tinydb tags.

webClickBlock2 webClickBlock3 webClickBlock4

I created following, But it contain error.
When user click cardView, It remove instantly but when they logout and login cardview shows again without time over mentioned in clock2. How to correct this ?

Still waiting for solution :pensive:

I recommend you to use firebase database to control your card view clickable and non clickable.

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