Web component issue

web component not work in kitkat, jellyben
only work in 5.0 and above
how to fix this problem help me

i dont think can you share blocks

Decrease the Api level in Screen 1’s advanced Settings

Already Api Level in 19
but not working
show me error 1103

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What does not work? Show your blocks.

That’s a common issue when your internet connection is not stable.

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I am using mysql database in my app
And when I want to login by clicking the login button to run the API So I get the issue and my API is not working

Did you read my answer?

I have seen your answer Butt is trying to tell you that my app is not logging in. My API is not working, if a guy gives the user name and password, neither his account is not logged in.

Your logic in the blocks or in the script may be wrong.

No my script and i block is perfectly fine
People are using my app Only people who are using low-version devices get the issue.

if you think your blocks are correct and you do not like to reveal a screenshot of your blocks, then your only possibility is to set the minimum sdk level of your app to Android 5.0 (API Level 21)



Then add a version checker and dialog box when the first screen (Screen1) initializes saying that that user must either upgrade their Android device or use a device with a higher version.