Web Database Update with App

Hey MAkers,

here i have a problem.
i had fetched some data from the Web with php as json In Web Component. Now just the Problem is that if i wanna to update a value in the list got then how can i do that?

Ex. i got value As 50 now i wanna to replace with 51 mean +1 in the value we got.


Which list? You want to modify the JSON and send it back to your server?

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Yes! you can say That

Where’s the problem? It is very trivial to do.

Are you facing the problem in

  1. modifying JSON
  2. send it back to server?

i had got the data from web
and now the problem is that i don’t know how to modify and send back to server

I’ll make an example for you in some time

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Thanks a lot!

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