WEB Post Request header

Problem solved

Did You Read topics about POST , Headers , API Web Component , here in community ?

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Yes, First I searched the topics in the community, but i didn’t find any topic relevant to me. That’s why I created this post. I also tried to do some POST text stuffs by seeing some topics here. But I didnt got the result. I’m not able to make the correct blocks.

I got it now here in the community…
Simple example.

Do you know what parameters to send to the API?

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I tried this. But I dont know how to make block for Request body.

Request Response ?

Block web.got

Web.post like Image above

Web.post Text
Text “token=674675768&+:$+;_-_5+6++6”

Put your _token= gvghtvf6647:4";6!-+

Headers are usually constructed like this:

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I already tried it. But its showing Error 500, internal server error on the result page.

ok, let me try this.

Sorry is missing part of image above (Headers )

Another exemple …
With Get …

API+ web Component


hi, I got the success. The problem was in my Request Header blocks.

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Sorry …:pensive: I am driving…

put that phone down !! :wink:

That was four hours ago … I arrived already :+1:

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