Web viewer auto stopped

Dear Creators,
I am using webviewer to view website but webviewer automatic stopped after 1 or 2 seconds. I cannot view the website. Can anybody tell me the reason?

You need to tell your problem in more dear like show us your blocks or any image if error you see

When i click on the button, Webviewer should open my url, But here when i click on button webviewer tried to open the url, but its failed and screen returned to screen 1

It is because you Facebook add fail to load and as you blocked that when add failed it will go to screen1 and secondly do not use start value at URL try using string block and mention the URL there…

And what I see is you add a lot of adds in your app it’s not good as user may feel it annoying

Thankyou so much. Now I found the issue. Thanks again for reply and help.

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