Web viewer cant work

web viewer cant work
not showin any website url & pages

What have you tried for now?
Only telling bug does not have any information.

Just now checked. It’s working fine for me.

Whether you downloaded latest version of Companion?

ya im checking but dose not working

With out to see what you have tried so far we can not help.

See Video this website not working in web viewer , please help me, it’s urgent

And what have you tried?
Show us designer picture and blocks from your try.

First (1).aia (1.0 MB)
almost all website working fine, except this one See Video

please help me

Why do you use a single screen as splash screen?

Go to Screen1 -> Splash Image (add your image)
and then on Screen1 -> Splash Enabled (true)

i’ll correct that, but please help me with this website in web viewer,
earlier i made app with thunkable, this website working fine in thunkable, if you want please have a look of previous app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.navbhojpurinfx.Netvix_Final

please help me

Why don’t you stop asking for help when you don’t get an anser as quick as you want. We are doing what we can. It is a very busy day for everyone at the moment.


Our current priority are bug fixes.
If a developer of us have time, we will help always.
But we can’t create for you the #1 builder if we only write answers. :smiley:

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