Web viewer does not display image

This is the strangest thing. After I changed the url from one to another, the web viewer no longer display all the images, but it does display the content.

While in the mobile browser, the second url does display the images without any issue.

Any idea? Much obliged.

It would be good if you show what your problem is, with images. Show blocks!


Thank you, Yosh_ism,

I did not change any block. The blocks were working with the previous URL. I only changed to the new URL without touching the blocks. Now no more image being displayed. Very strange.

Never mind, Yosh_ism. I found the problem. The first URL has a https://, while the second site does not have a SSL. When I called the second site with https://, all images were not being displayed. After I change the https:// to http://, images are being displayed again.

Perhaps it is a bug in Kodular???

I don’t know it either. It’s the time to someone who knows it joining this conversation

No, it is not. You can’t go to a HTTPS site if the same does not have a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate installed. In order to go to e.g. https://kodularlessons.net that site needs to have a let’s encrypt certificate.


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